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Easy Ways To make Money Online


I'll show you easy ways to make money online but you must be willing to listen and take action so I can see your moves and give some advice on how to market more effective to get the results you desire!

I really want to be straight up with you and give you something you can
actually take to the bank. There really are no easy ways to make money
online! Well let me take that back, There is a time that comes when you are
able to sit back and appreciate all the hard work you have put in to create a
residual income.

There is one thing that has to happen to before you can reach a status of
accomplishment where you have money coming in on autopilot. That is TIME,
you see some people it can be weeks, months or sometimes years before
that becomes a reality for you in your online business. It depends a lot of different
things or decisions that you make when you first get started. There are many but
I'll list the top 3 you should keep your eye on when starting out or if you're getting
ready to make another run at it.

Before I list those believe when I say that it is totally possible for YOU to make a
passive online income. The idea is let's say you're promoting offline and need to get the word out so you print up a bunch of flyers and pass them out or go through a parking lot putting them on every car. That's just a one time shot not to mention a ton of time and money. Online you can do one thing and get paid over and over for it such as this video. Not to mention it stays up forever and works for you even as you sleep. Another advantage is the amount of people you are able to reach. Think about it....it just makes for sense (or dollars) to market online whatever it is you want to share with others.

Easy Ways To make Money Online

The very first step is you must have a blog if you want to make a significant amount of residual income on the internet. Some might say this isn't true but every person I know making money online has blog if not multiple blogs.You might be thinking that having a blog can be a lot of work and that is just not true especially with the platform I use. There is no technical set up or cumbersome web design, HTML etc. It's literally point and click....basically Grandma proof!

Easy Ways To make Money Online

The next thing to be on the lookout for is how are you going to create the traffic you need to your blog in order to make the sales to create that monthly residual income. You will have access to my formula on how to get your videos ranked in Google and well as your blog. With an authority blog that I'll be showing you it's practically impossible to not rank with the right guidance. You will have authority in Google's eyes and these puny other sites will been trembling from your dominance. This is something you will need to learn but believe me once you got it down it becomes almost magical where people are literally on your blog with credit card in hand.

Easy Ways To make Money Online

The third and probably the most important would be to find something that pays out the highest percentage possible to get you to your goal in the least amount of time. You don't want to be the guy that it takes years to hit your goal. You want cash flowing in to your bank account everyday with out fail.......pipeline money my friend! If you were selling something for me and I told you that I would pay you 50% of everything you sold I'm sure you would say that's a pretty generous commission. What if I told you that I would receive 100% of every sale you made all the way up to $3000 in one transaction and it would be deposited into your bank account???

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My name is Esteban Ferreira and this is my blog. I've been a online marketer for a couple of years now and work from home writing about various things that interest me. If you're interested in smashing your alarm clock for good and spending more time doing what you want to do then get in touch with me. Three years ago I was delivering pizza for Dominos so don't get hung up that I'm some technical genius!

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MIami Dolphins Bullying??

Hey can you really call this a scandal? I just got done checking out some articles and most of them are calling this a scandal...can you believe that? People are saying that the NFL Players Union needs to step up and maintain a safe work place environment for their players. I understand being politically correct is considered cool now a days but this is ridiculous. From everything I read this kid Martin was being made fun of, being forced to buy lubnches for veteran players and yes he did get that awful racist text but come on!! This is not bullying. That term should never be used in Adult life. I get so fired up when I see Dolphins Bullying in the news.

The media is using those hot button words to get more views or more peolpe too buy their print. This I believe actually takes away from the real bullying going on is our schools with our children. There is a real issue there but these are children and have no comparison with the so called "Dolphins Bullying". This very real issue needs to be dealt with the parents of the children involved with bullying. First  children should be educated on how their emotions and thoughts actually work for them or can work against them. We can sit down and explain that your emotions come from the thoughts you have and you are the only one who has control over those thoughts.

PersonaL resposibilty is the key to life! Whem most people here the word responsible they assume it means who is at fault and that can't be further from the truth. It means the "ability to respond" so when someone puts you down you have a choice to accept or reject what you're hearing and that is where ALL THE POWER lies. This Dolphins Bullying is a buzz word that's all it is. Bullying does not happen in the adult world. Every emotion you have, you have by choice whether you want to acknowledge the fact or not. Nobody makes you mad, sad or happy...you choose to be that way.

Most children are not talked to by their parents in this way. We send them to school to learn 2+2=4 but they never get shown how to deal with real life and real situations that they will be forced to eventually deal with. Yes, kids can be cruel but in my experience adults can be dpwn right evil. 

It doesn't matter if you I like Incognito or I despise him the fact is he was being cruel to Martin. You will never get rid of people like Incognito they're a dime a dozen. What we can do is educate our kids so they can be fully equipped to deal with Dolphins Bullying when they become adults. Stop reacting to things and use your mental faculties to respond. Don't get me wrong you lay hands on me and you will get popped in the mouth!!


My name is Esteban Ferreira and this is my blog. I've been a online marketer for a couple of years now and work from home writing about various things that interest me. If you're interested in smashing your alarm clock for good and spending more time doing what you want to do then get in touch with me. Three years ago I was delivering pizza for Dominos so don't get hung up that I'm some technical genius!

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My 7yr old and Psycho Cybernetics


What Is Psyco Cybernetics?


In a way Psycho Cybernetics  is a communication system for effectivly  communicating with yourself. We all have a self image and that self image dictates hhow we see ourselves. It tells us what is an acceptable amount of money that we should be making, what kind of house,vehicle or even the types of food we should eeat. If we are unable to change how we communicate our self image to our mind then we can never change our results. No matter how bad we might want to actually change. If you're interested in getting your FREE audio on Psycho Cybernetics on your Smart phone so you can listen to it and decide for yourself CLICK HERE. It's a FREE trial with audible.com one of the largest online audio bookstores.

Watch this hilarious animated video that explains what's actually going on in our minds when we go up against a decision we would like to make but are self image doesn't agree. You'll like it!


How To Spend Time With Your Kids


How To Spend Time With Your Kids

As a parent, "how to spend time with your kids" has been a hot topic in our house

as well as a  struggle. As you might be aware that most lead very busy lives. Either

by decision or a feeling that we have no other option than to work countless hours

doing less than meaningful jobs for compensation that's usually just enough to

satisfy the monthly bills. I speak from experience when I tell you that I remember

being not only satisfied with this but thinking this was "NORMAL".


You see this might be common but it's not normal.


Think about that..... There's many things we do regarding our children that are

common because it seems that everyone else is doing these things but when you

actually take a step back and THINK it's definitely "NOT NORMAL".


How To Spend Time With Your Kids-what is means to me

For me spending time with my kids was giving them a ride to practice or gettinghome from work in just enough time to kiss them and say a prayer with them beforebed. Friends and family use to tell me


"Oh Esteban you work so hard and provide a great life for your family....that's sooo good".


What kind of life is that when they hardly ever get to actually spend good quality time that makes life long memories like in the video. You tell me? This really fires me up and I want to show you how to spend time with your kids but first read this list of things that I used to do and if you can relate to them.

how to spend time with your kids  (that was meant to be sarcastic)

  • waking up before the sun comes up and telling your kids you LOVE them as they sleep in their beds.


  • coming home so late that the kids are already in their beds trying to stay awake long enough to hear your voice and come running out to see you.


  • show up 30 minutes late to a family function in your construction boots on Saturday yet again showing the kids what's really important in life (Our Jobs Right?)


  • Always feeling like you need some personal time but never able to figure out where it can really fit in.


  • Getting that sick feeling in your stomach on Sunday night because the work week starts tomorrow and maybe taking it out on the kids in frustration.

"No, don't do that!"
"What did I tell you!"
"Just Stop I can't take it anymore!"


  • Telling the boys a bedtime story and realizing maybe their acting out because I'm never around and having to answer the question "Dad are you crying?"


  • Going places and constantly telling them NO and why they can't have certain things because times are tight right now.


  • Telling your kids they can "BE or "DO" anything they what in life but living a life that shows the exact opposite of what your telling them...


I know these things are very difficult to read...Heck, I lived them and just got choked up writing them down. How to spend time with your kids is an excellent question and not easily answered but I'm going to give it my best shot and please let me know what you think.


How To Spend Time With Your Kids....down to the nitty gritty

The way I see it is my boys will learn a lot about this world from school, interacting

with others and just plain old experiences that can't be duplicated. They must go

through them no matter how much we would like to protect or shelter them. So I

suggest teaching them things that are not taught in any school or church, that I

know of.


I've come to realize that I have been entrusted by God with four precious boys and

my sole duty in life is to equip them with tools so they are capable of making the

right choices. I'm saying that to any goal they have in life they must understand

it is always a zig zag pattern we follow to success. Whether it's a simple task of

picking up a pencil to getting a man on the moon there is a cybernetic system that

is constantly course correcting hence the zig zag pattern.


We were made for change, to grow and realize new and beautiful things all around

us. Temporary defeat (or some call it failure) is as much a part of life as eating and

drinking water. I will not shelter my kids from the harshness of life I understand that

it's my duty to preserve innocence but I'm more focusing on dealing with the way

others treat them and how they respond.


I tell my kids that everything is a choice, no one makes you mad, you choose to be

mad and that goes for every other feeling you have. no matter what your brother is

doing to you, you have a choice and no one can steal that from you....That's your

power. I remember the day when my 7 yr old came home from school and I asked

what did you do at school today and he answered "I chose to be happy!". I about

fell out of my chair!


How To Spend Time With Your Kids...Is there a Secret?

My point is that when I was growing up my parents never explained to me about

how how my feelings worked, how to actually cope using rational thought and know

that when things really get rough that it's just life making sure you're still alive and

kicking. I have no problems with how my parents raised me they did the best they

knew how. Growing up they were responsible for making me who I am....I'm

responsible for changing it.


These things are not secrets by no means but it's my experience that tells me most parents assume their kids will figure it out instead teaching them these things at a very young age. You might not think they're paying attention but believe when I tell you that their subconscious mind is recording everything!


"Life is a fight for territory and once you stop fighting for what you want, what you don't want will automatically take over"  -Steve Dunkerton


Find out what I'm doing to plant my flag in the ground and never retreat, never

surrender for what I see in my family's future.

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